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With Kufa Group, you get access to a comprehensive range of top-quality shipping and cargo services, including customs clearance, packing and removals, warehousing, and more. Our vast network of partners and associates in 165 countries ensures reliable and efficient shipping and moving services worldwide.


Kufa Group processes 30,000 clearances yearly, offering reliable and efficient global clearance services

Expert Team

Our skilled clearing team ensures efficient, timely, hassle-free customs clearance services for your goods

Safe and Secure

Kufa Group prioritizes shipment safety. Our experts ensure secure and timely clearance processing

We are everywhere

Kufa Group was established in 2023 with the aim of delivering top-quality local and international shipping and cargo moving services to individuals and businesses across Iraq. As an active member of international shipping/moving associations, we have a vast network of partners and associates in 165 countries. Our services go beyond traditional general cargo handling and transportation, and we are proud to offer a comprehensive range of services such as customs clearance, air and ocean freight forwarding, consolidation, project-based cargo handling, packing and removals, overland trucking, cargo insurance, warehousing, distribution, and more.


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